Courtyards sodic Beverly Hills Westown Zayed

Welcome To The Courtyards sodic Beverly Hills Westown Zayed 


Our Newest Residential Neighborhood In Westown Courtyards

Westown Courtyards’ latest phase Now launched . initial time from SODIC With a replacement seven year payment set up

Area starting from 150 Sqm to 300 Sqm and a strategic location amidst SODIC West, The Courtyards provides you with associate array of selections and a real sense of community. 

أفضل ما تقدمة مدينة .. سوديك وست

(Westown Courtyards)

يتميز مشروع وستاون كورت ياردز  بموقعة الاستراتيجي في قلب سوديك وست ، وصممت جميع الوحدات لتطل على مساحات خضرات واسعة وامنه ، وتتراوح مساحات الوحدات من 150 الي 300 متر لتلبي رغبات عملائنا الكرام
اكتملت رؤية سوديك لمدينة عصرية متكاملة تحت أسم “سوديك وست” في قلب مدينة الشيخ زايد والتي تعادل مساحتها ضعف مساحة الزمالك ، ويقيم بها حالياً أكثر من آلاف عائلة
تضم المدينة كافة الخدمات حيث بها 3 مدارس دولية بنظم تعليم مختلفة منها البريطاني والامريكي والالماني ، وعيادات طبية ، ونوادي رياضية وإجتماعية ، وعدة بنوك
وتقوم شركة إدارة لخدمات المدن والمنتجعات بتقديم كافة خدمات الامن والصيانة والبيئة بالمدينة على مدار الساعة
سوديك تطرح مرحلة جديدة بتسهيلات سداد على 7 سنوات بدون فوائد

designed by SODIC’s very own in-house design team are one of a kind, offering a variety living spaces to suit your needs.
The buildings are arranged around courtyards, offering green views and private parks for residents.
The apartments in The Courtyards embody living with functionality and style, as they are the product of meticulous design.
Every detail has been carefully thought out with your needs in mind. The homes also come with private gardens or roof
suites that overlook secluded courtyards within each cluster.
The Courtyards are located in the centre of Westown, meaning it is a short walk from Westown Residences, Forty West, The
Polygon, and the restaurants and cafés of Westown Hub and The Strip. Moreover, The Courtyards are directly connected to
the Pedestrian Green Spine, which caters to the needs of homeowners by doubling as a recreational facility.
Also nearby is the Westown clubhouse, which will offer facilities ranging from sporting activities to social outings for the
entire family to enjoy. For more details

Office Starting From 240M2 : 400M2 Installment Up To 6 Years

COURTYARD Clinics Starting 80 M2 Installments  Up To 6 Years

Apartment in westown SODIC Compound El Sheikh Zayed courtyards – westown

The Courtyards Westown  Phase V Availability Area 150 M Up To 300 M

10% in advance and the rest over 6 years.

Delivery after 3 years 

Parking westown SODIC

Contract Amount 10% westown SODIC

Clubhouse westown SODIC

Maintenance westown SODIC

Penthouse in SODIC Compound Westown phase 9 EL SHEIKH ZAYED

Unit Gross Area :148 m2 Roof Suite: 27 m2 External Roof: 63 m2
Price + (maintenance) +  (clubhouse)
Payment Plans for Courtyards
6 Year Plan
Down payment: 10% – After 3 Months 10%
Rest divided on Unequal installments (quarterly) over 6 years
5% delivery installment


The CourtYards Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed

court yard – west town court yards